#1 Paris

Two Shoes Many Hats – introduction #1 Paris
Video and installation

7 – 17 May 2011
opening @ 7th of May from 14:00

24 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris
Tuesday to Saturday 14:00 – 19:00
TEL: +33 (0)1 47 70 25 12 / MAIL: info[at]whiteproject[dot]fr

(c) TSMH 2011

About the project:

Two Shoes Many Hats (TSMH) is a research and multi-disciplinary project. The project culminates in a ‘Proverb Museum’, which will be staged at the Nothing To Declare exhibition in Manila, Philippines this November 2011. For this exhibition we are currently generating an archive of cultural metaphors, especially those describing the idea of “multiplayer-ness”, through our ongoing investigations and our project’s online Call. Through its events, installation, and video, Two Shoes Many Hats sees the idea of “multiplayer-ness” as analogy for the state of working artists and museums today.

The project is inspired from an English saying – ‘Wearing many hats’ – and a Japanese proverb – ‘Nisoku no Waraji wo haku’, ‘Wearing two pairs of Waraji (traditional straw sandals)’. The English saying ‘Wearing many hats’ (similar to the French expression of ‘Avoir plusieurs casquettes’) means: having many responsibilities or roles. And the Japanese proverb ‘Nisoku no Waraji wo haku’, ‘Wearing two pairs of straw sandals’ means: the same person holds two kinds of professions. These expressions explain similar ideas by using different metaphors – hats or shoes.


(c) TSMH 2011

(c) TSMH 2011

Work info I : Chapeau! / Waraji
Installation by Jun’ichiro ISHII / 2011
2m(H) X 1m(W) X 0.5m (D) / material: Chapeaux

As this installation is inspired from English proverb ‘Wearing many hats’ and Japanese proverb ‘Nisoku no waraji o haku’, it literally shows ‘many hats’ and ‘two waraji’. Culturally, historically, to understand something ‘literally or directly’ may not always be what is ‘intended’ or perhaps may not be possible at all. However, the persistence of a ‘direct translation’ can lead our reality to more imaginative and creative avenues for thought. >> more image


(c) TSMH 2011

Work info II : Hats-Off
Video by Danielle Adair / 2011
5’00 / BW with audio.

Hats-Off is a video, which, through the notion of ‘to wear many hats’, uses visual and linguistic punning in its construction.
The ongoing audio piece, What Do You Do?, includes the voices of a number of young artists working today and points to the range of occupations, roles, and responsibilities this group holds in addition to and in support of their individual art practices.

(c) TSMH 2011

Work info III : Make Your Own Hat
Make Your Own Hat, interactive event and origami paper, ongoing.

For this interactive event activity, visitors are invited to ‘Make Your Own Hat’ via an origami pattern and using a paper, which explains the ongoing TSMH project. Visitors walk away from the show with a hat of their own, as well as contributing to the ongoing TSMH archive of idiomatic expressions. At the opening event at Galerie White Projects in Paris, we collected a multitude of French expressions (please see following page) while helping visitors fold their own origami hats. This interactive component of the exhibition comments on the nature of artists’ practices today, in the way artists develop their own career paths, roles, or ‘hats’.


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